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Issue Date:
41TE, 42LE, 42RLE, 45RFE, 5-45RFE
Chrysler Quick Learn Procedure
December 2010

Technical Bulletin
Chrysler Transmission Reprogramming

Transmission Affected:

41TE (A604)
42LE (A606)


Chrysler 4 speed transmissions are fully computer controlled. The vehicles computer will adjust clutch apply rates in order to provide smooth, consistent shifts for the life of the unit. Any time a major repair is done on this transmission or the transmission is rebuilt or replaced, a relearn procedure must be performed. This procedure is called “Quick Learn”.

Failure to relearn the computers shift settings can lead to gear train failure and void the warranty on your remanufactured transmission.

Quick Learn Procedure

A professional scanner will be necessary to perform this procedure. The installation of the transmission must be complete and the fluid at proper level. If any codes are stored in the computer, then record them for future reference and clear all codes. You are now ready to Quick Learn the transmission.

Locate the Quick Learn function in the scanner menu and begin the procedure. Follow the scanner instructions to complete. Once this is done, the vehicle is ready to be road tested. The computer will now continue to fine tune the shifting to adjust the shift quality of the transmission as it is being driven.

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