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Moveras is a distinctly different remanufacturing company. LEAN principles are not being used to turn around an old fashioned company, but are utilized for the basic concept of our remanufacturing process. Working in a Clean Room Environment and strictly adhearing to highly detailed processes and procedures, our team is the most efficient in the industry. This is true manufacturing, and not just a large re-building shop.

Moveras has an unequalled support system to help your customers achieve a successful installation.  We provide tools and people to ensure that the correct unit is ordered and that a proper diagnosis is done. In addition, a wealth of user friendly tools are available to help guide installers through the technical process of installing a new transmission. Moveras provides On-line Technical Videos, Troubleshooting guides, unit specific Technical Bulletins, as well as “On Unit” markings and instructions.

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After you locate the remanufactured transmission you need, call Moveras (877-866-8372) and we will help you find out how and where you can buy remanufactured transmissions, as well as how to receive it in the shortest amount of time!

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